Hedge Trimming & Pruning Services

What’s Included In Our Hedge Trimming & Pruning Service?

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Hedge Trimming & Pruning

It is important to have trimming and pruning completed once or even twice a year. Once the shoots are cut they split and become more than twice as full. Preferably done in the spring and fall. Nothing cleans up the look of your lawn like full vibrant clean cut bushes!

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Cleanup Trimmings

We will blow out the trimmings from the landscape and mow up any leaves that are left on the property. We will leave your grass looking crispy by cleaning up anything that we trimmed or pruned from your hedges or bushes.

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Disposal of Trimmings

We will haul away and dispose of the hedge clippings for you. Trying to load endless bags is no longer necessary. Let us handle the shearing and hauling for you! We would be happy to take care of it for you!

What is Hedge Trimming?

Hedge trimming is the process of removing branches, leaves, and flowers from a hedge with manual clippers or mechanical trimmers to improve overgrowth or un-kept hedges. This is typically done with a gas-powered trimmer with sharp blades that move back and forth to shear the hedge back into its natural shape.

What’s The Difference Between Trimming & Pruning?

Pruning typically involves removing dead or diseased branches called deadwood to improve the overall aesthetics and health of the plant. Furthermore, trimming is the process of cutting back plant material for reasons other than health problems. Trimming is used to promote healthy growth while pruning is used to remove diseased branches that are causing health problems.

Hedge Trimming Services

We provide professional hedge trimming and pruning services in the early spring and late fall all along the mountain range. If you need professionals to care for your landscape by shearing and shaping hedges during the growing season contact us for a free estimate. Contact us to schedule your free project estimate or quote.

With most residential and commercial properties it is common to make sure the hedges are trimmed away from the structure. This is important to do for many reasons. There needs to be space between the building to prevent fire danger.

Hedges that are trimmed look much nicer than untrimmed ones and help control insects and pests. Manicured and trimmed hedges are less likely to harbor pests and diseases.

Shearing your hedges and shrubs by shaping them correctly benefits the appearance of flower beds and your overall lawn and landscape.

Our professional trimming services are both cost-effective and time-saving. We have the experience and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. For more information about our hedge trimming services, or to schedule a free estimate, contact us today to care for your landscape!

Professional Hedge Trimming

Professional hedge trimming and pruning can transform your yard as well as help enhance the homeowners property. Professional hedge trimming and pruning is the process of carefully cutting back hedges and bushes to create a neat, more defined shape. This can be done for both aesthetic purposes and to encourage healthy growth.

Tips We Keep In Mind When Trimming Hedges Like a Pro:

  • Identifying what type of hedge you want us to shear and prune.
  • Assess the hedges condition and any dead or dying branches on the hedge such as any deadwood that needs removal.
  • Use clean sharp hedge trimmer blades and tools to avoid damaging the plant, making them less susceptible to disease and pests.
  • Pruning too much at once can shock the plant and stunt its growth.
  • When trimming, remove no more than one-third of the plant’s total height.
  • Prune or cut back any branches that are crossing or rubbing against each other.
  • Trim the hedge into the desired shape that it should be.
  • Clean up sheared leaves from shaping hedges and make sure your flower beds look tidy and clean.

For more information about professional hedge trimming and pruning services in our local area or for a fast free estimate contact us today!

Trimming & Pruning With An Articulating Hedge Trimmer?

Sculpting shrubs in your yard can be tough. It’s even tougher when you don’t have the right equipment. An articulating hedge trimmer service can help make the job easier, we can reach those hard-to-get places. With an articulating hedge trimmer, we can adjust the angle of the blades so we can sculpt hedges and shrubs to the shape that they naturally are.

We also have extensions so that we can reach tall hedges and cut and shear them from any angle we need without compromising safety. We sharpen the blades on our hedge trimmers every day before pruning customers’ ornamental plants to clip them without damage.

Call our professional specialists today to schedule the shearing and shaping of overgrowth for you. We care for your shrubs safely encouraging optimal health, and make sure they are trimmed and shaped to their natural structure encouraging robust growth so they survive and thrive.

Shrub Trimming Services

Ornamental shrubs need regular maintenance and care to shape them correctly to their natural structure. Our services include cost-effective shrub trimming services customized to meet your needs and make your lawn and landscape beautiful.

Our services are designed to save you time, money, and hassle. We provide a complete range of services, from one-time cleanups to regularly scheduled maintenance. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to get the job done. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. Contact us today about your project and let us take care of your shrub for you!

Professional Shrub & Bush Trimming Services

Shrub trimming is the process of cutting back shrubs and bushes to maintain their shape and promote new growth. Shrubs can be trimmed for aesthetic reasons or to remove bushy shoots using hedge trimmers. It’s important to properly trim shrubs to encourage new shoots and maintain plants that thrive. There are a few things to we keep in mind when shrub trimming.

Tips We Keep In Mind To Trim Shrubs & Bushes Like A Pro:

  • Identify the shrub or bush you want us to trim and prune.
  • Assess the plant’s and identify any dead or deadwood branches that need to be removed.
  • Use the proper equipment to avoid damaging the plant. For example, dull scissors can damage shrubs and make them more susceptible to pests and disease.
  • Pruning too much at once can shock the bush causing damage and stunting the plants health.
  • When Pruning we remove no more than one-third of the shrubs total height as this can stunt the system of the plant and stunt robust growth.
  • Prune or cut back any branches that are crossing or rubbing against each other.
  • Trim the shrubbery to what its natural shape should be.
  • Clean up any debris and leaves that have been trimmed off so shrubs look perfect and manicured.

If you have any questions about proper shrub trimming technique or would like us to take a look at your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you care for your hedges shrubs or bushes and keep them maintained for you.

Shrub Removal Service

We also offer shrub removal services. If you have an unwanted bush, we can remove it quickly and efficiently. We will also clean up any debris left behind. We offer a variety of removal services, from one-time services to regularly scheduled maintenance.

Sometimes winterkill can wipe out plantings completely by destroying the roots system. This is common in our area and if you need us to remove your shrubbery and plant more we would love to assist you with your project. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. Contact our company today to receive an estimate or quote free of cost.

Damaging Effects of Winterkill on Ornamental Hedges & Shrubs

Winterkill is a term used to describe the damage that can be caused to hedges and shrubs by extreme temperature fluctuations. It can occur when plants are exposed to periods of cold weather followed by a sudden warm-up, or vice versa.

The damage that winterkill creates causes leaves to brown and drop off, stems to die back, and buds to be killed. In severe cases, entire plants may be killed from developed root system damage. Winterkill is a particular problem in areas where the weather is variable and changes fast.

Several Ways To Prevent Winterkill

  • Choose species of hedges and shrubs that are known to be winter-hardy in your area.
  • Protect from the wind by planting in a sheltered location or using windbreaks.
  • Mulch plants heavily to insulate them from sudden temperature changes and root shock.
  • Water plants regularly during the cold season to prevent them from drying out.

By following these simple steps, you can help ensure that your hedges and shrubs will withstand the colder weather and remain healthy and beautiful. The cost to replace your hedges and shrubs is far greater than the cost to maintain them by watering during colder months to prevent winterkill to your plantings.

When To Trim Ornamental Shrubs & Bushes

When is the best time to prune hedges bushes and shrubs?

The best time to prune is early spring before new growth begins. This will help promote strong and healthy growth for the season. Dead branches can also be removed at this time.

If you are unsure about proper pruning techniques, our team of experts can provide shearing and pruning services with safety in mind. Pruning your shrub at the right time can help ensure optimal health and growth for your ornamentals. Generally, early spring and late winter is the best time to prune your deciduous ornamentals for your plant’s health. Contact us today to learn more about our pruning services.

Maintaining Flower Beds

To properly maintain flowers in flower beds, it is important to deadhead fading blooms and cut back overgrown stems. This will promote new growth and prevent the flowers from becoming leggy. It is also important to fertilize regularly and water deeply to encourage strong growth.

If you have any questions about how to care for your flowers, our team of dedicated specialists can help you with your flower pruning. Flower beds can improve curb appeal enhancing the appearance and value of your residential or commercial property. On the other hand, overgrown flower beds with plants that are unkempt can cost the homeowner and stick out like a sore thumb to neighbors.

Benefits of Maintaining Flower Beds

What are the Benefits of flower bed maintenance?

Flower bed maintenance has several benefits, including:

  • healthy for animals and creatures that live in the flower beds
  • increases the appearance such as curb appeal and property value
  • increases the value of your commercial business
  • increases the value of your residential home
  • making your property more welcoming and inviting to guests
  • helps excess water runoff and soaks up moisture in your lawn

If you need assistance with the maintenance of your perennial flowers contact us today and get your no obligation estimate or quote!

Our Professional Hedge Perspective

A hedge trimming and pruning service is a lawn care service that we provide to keep your shrubs, bushes, and plantings in your flower beds cleanly manicured. We have many years of experience completing hedge trimming services for our customers. We can service many hedges, bushes, shrubs. and plantings.

Many years of on the job shearing and pruning ornamentals and shrub overgrowth as well as taking care of them, enhance and make them thrive properly. Hedge trimming & pruning is a necessity to retain and enhance a beautiful landscape. Colorado can have some pretty harsh winters and we know how to deal with your hedges and bushes after winter has subsided.

We always take notes during our Spring Cleanup services to alert our customers of any areas of concern or things that require immediate attention. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove dead shrub plantings either for renovation or to replace it with a new ornamental variety. If you have troubled trees also check out our tree trimming & pruning service

There are many reasons to why a shrub has died. From poor weather conditions, lack of maintenance, and to include many other environmental factors and a pesky rodent called voles. One such problem that could be the culprit is Winterkill which is an ever occurring problem in Colorado. The Front Range is home to a very dry arid climate with our cool summers followed by extreme freezes abruptly causing pretty much everything growing on your property to struggle if the proper measures aren’t put in place.

Winterkill is a fact in colorado and can cause expensive damage to your landscape and property value. Be prepared and mitigate the unforeseen problems and make them expected outcomes. Don’t let your yard or the ornamentals growing on it become liabilities to your home value instead of growing assets.

After your hedges are looking crisp after being trimmed and pruned, consider a mulch delivery and installation for your flower beds beneath your hedges. A top dressing of mulch can make your flower beds look brand new again!

The Bomb Lawns Hedge Trimming & Pruning List

  • Always carry detailed notes for any special requests from the client handy for reference.
  • Clean up and dispose of any fallen branches or other debris.
  • Blow leaves off your properties landscape.
  • Collect and dispose of leaves.
  • Always secure the fence gate before leaving.
  • Relax and admire our work.

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We offer free quotes and estimates so that you can see how much our services will cost before you commit. We also make it simple for homeowners to pay with contactless payments accepting debit and credit cards on our secure website. Just fill out the form below with your zip code, address, and information and we are happy to help you with a free quote.

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