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Mowing The Grass

Consistent weekly and bi weekly lawn mowing service the same day each week. Our equipment mower blades are serviced regularly to ensure a quality cut to make sure our customers are completely satisfied every time we cut their healthy grass.

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Trimming Around Obstacles

A mowing service isn’t complete without professional quality trimming around obstacles as well as meticulously edging the grass around sidewalks and driveways. We’ve all seen the grass climbing up mailboxes or fire hydrants, but not on the lawns that we maintenance! When you hire us to do your lawn care, we do it right.

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Grass Clipping Cleanup

Before we leave, we clean up the grass clippings. Grass clippings will be blown off of hard surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways and patios. If you have healthy grass and no weeds it is very beneficial to mulch the grass back in so you don’t have to fertilize as often and the lawn recycles it’s nutrients. Our customers smile when they pull in to their driveways after a long day of work and their lawn has been mowed by a true lawn care professional.

How to Mow Like a Lawn Care Professional?

Cutting the lawn is one of those tasks that seem pretty simple – but in reality, it’s not as easy as it looks to do correctly. If you want your lawn to look its best, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind when cutting the lawn.

Here are some tips on how to cut turfgrass like a lawn care pro:

  • First and foremost, you need to make sure that you cut it regularly. This means cut yard at least once a week, and more often if necessary. Cutting the yard too little will allow weeds to take over, and your lawns will start to look patchy, requiring weed control as well.

  • Be sure to trim around the edges of your lawn, as well as any trees or other obstacles. This will help to keep your turf looking well-manicured and crisp.

  • Before you cut your turfgrass sharpen the blades every time for a quality cut. This will ensure not to scalp or damage your turfgrass.

  • When you do cut, make sure to cut in a straight line. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people cut the turfgrass in haphazard patterns. Cutting turfgrass in straight lines will give your lawn a neater appearance of turf stripes.

  • Finally, don’t forget to fertilize your lawn regularly. This will ensure that your turfgrass stays healthy and green.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your lawn will always look its best. And who knows, with a little practice, you might even be able to become a pro lawn care specialist yourself!

How To Trim & Edge Sidewalks Like A Professional

Trimming and edging sidewalks and obstacles is really more of an art combined with years of experience to trim and edge correctly. It’s important to know which way the trimmer head is spinning so the clippings don’t flip into the flower bed. The following tips will help you get the best results possible.

Using a Straight Shaft Trimmer That Spins Counter Clockwise Like a Professional:

Directions looking at The House From The Road

  • First thing to do is make sure the string trimmer head is spinning in the correct counter clockwise direction. This will ensure grass clippings are directed away from flower beds, sidewalks, and other obstacles.
  • Trim and edge so that you make a loop and not backtrack making it more efficient.
  • Start at the street on the right side of the house if you are looking at it and vertically edge the entire park strip of turf between the sidewalk and the road with string trimmer.
  • Flip the string trimmer upside down and start edging the outside of the sidewalk and walking backwards so that the string is spinning in the opposite direction and flip debris away from you.
  • Stop and horizontally trim any long turfgrass climbing up the base of trees or mailboxes while edging the the gap on the park strip.
  • Continue edging the turfgrass and string edge directly into the gap separating the sidewalk and turf and follow that line in a clockwise pattern flipping rocks and dirt in the opposite direction that you are walking to avoid injury or broken windows.
  • Always be aware of where the debris from the string trimmer is flying and making sure not to dig in to deep into the crack.
  • Don’t give it full throttle unless you need to while trimming the gap lines and always be in control of where the dirt is flipping.
  • After you edge around the sidewalk and end up on the right side of the driveway continue to walk to the left side of driveway and edge back towards the left side of the house where it meets the sidewalk on the side strip of the driveway.
  • Edge the sidewalk where it meets the left side of the driveway and edge in the gap of dirt between the turf and go around the sidewalk until you meet the road again.
  • Head down the left side of the house where the property line meets the neighbors to the left and flat trim with the string trimmer level all the way from the road to the fence that leads to the backyard.
  • Horizontally trim from the left side of the house to where the fence opens up.
  • Open the fence and start horizontally trimming in a clockwise motion again all the way to the back of the house and around the fence line until you reach the house on the right side.
  • Trim and edge around any obstacles in the backyard while your on your way to the fence gate as to not backtrack.
  • Flat trim or edge along the back of the house where any patios are making your way to the gate on the left side of the house again.
  • Flat trim on the inside and outside of left side fence gate exiting the gate and reaching the driveway on the left side of the house.
  • Make your way across the driveway to the right side of the the front of the house where the turf meets the driveway by the garage.
  • Horizontally trim again around the flower bed or patio in the front of the house on the right side making your way to the right side of the house where the fence is separating the backyard from the front.
  • In the front right turfgrass by the fence vertically trim up the line dividing the house on the right side and make your way back to the road.

These are some tips to trim and edge turfgrass like a pro with a straight shaft string trimmer. We hope these tips help you trim and edge your turfgrass and landscape beds and obstacles like a pro. If you need help maintaining your properties contact us for an online estimate or quote at no cost to you. We would love to help your residential or commercial property with our lawn mowing services.

Our Lawn Care Services & Lawn Mowing Perspective

Residential lawn mowing & maintenance is a lawn care service that most lawn care businesses see it as a headache and a means to an end until they can secure a client list of strictly commercial or HOA properties. Not us! Residential lawn mowing services and lawn maintenance services are our main focus, which is why we prefer to maintain your yard forever. We manage ground maintenance services to many popular locations around town. We always sharpen our lawn mower blades every morning before we go out to cut your grass.

When we mow we start edging the sidewalk from the truck and make a loop so that we aren’t backtracking. This allows us to cut your lawn, trim, edge, and blow off the grass much faster this way. Our efficiency comes from years of experience and completed cuts in learning the fastest way to service residential lawns with the best quality and results possible.

Doing things this way allows no room for error because we use the same exact lawn mowing technique every time. The only thing that changes is the direction that we cut the grass. Every week we will mow in a different direction in a clockwise pattern to twist the grass roots and stimulate root growth.  

Our goal is also to cut your neighbor’s lawn, and turn them into a happy customers which is why we service all customers along strict guidelines to maintain a finished product that has neighbors talking! We offer many lawn care maintenance services to take care of your yard correctly. If you would like a free lawn mow then check out our spring cleanup service where we offer a free lawn mow with our yard spring leaf cleanup service. Contact us today and receive your no obligation online estimate or quote!

Mowing Checklist

Park Truck in a safe area and avoid blocking mailboxes if possible.

Careful lawn mowing, trimming, and edging while taking into account our surroundings (People, animals, debris, etc.).

Alternate mowing patterns in rotation pattern to stimulate root growth.

Detailed trimming of any grass near obstacles the mower can’t reach.

Walk around the residential or commercial building with a blower to disperse any clumps of grass and remove any clippings from hard surfaces flower beds or landscape beds.

Secure all fence gates.

Admire our professional work.

Fast Online Estimates & Map Quotes

We have really made a lot of advancements when it comes to online estimates and quotes for our lawn maintenance services. We have implemented these advancements to save our customers time and money. On some jobs that are more involved it’s still necessary to come out and meet with the homeowner to schedule an appointment. But some types of lawn maintenance can be quoted without even coming out to your home.

We have integrated software and systems that are convenient when it comes to a fast estimate and online quoting, giving you access to a quick and easy price convenience upfront. We accept credit cards and have made an easy transparent price structure for our customers. With The Bomb Lawn, it’s easy paying from the comfort of your location or street address. We will send you a free estimate and if the quick and easy price is accepted, our professionals will schedule the job on the date agreed upon at your street address.

After the estimate is accepted our company will send you a link so that you can securely store your card on file so that we can charge the card after the mowing has been completed on the day of the job when we get back to the office. None of our customers credit card information is accessible by our company. We can only charge the amount agreed on in the quote that you manually accept the price for in our lawn care companies software.

This is standard in the residential lawn care industry on recurring jobs and is becoming much more common to make a simplified quick and easy price for the homeowner. We also do this to make sure that once we do a job we get paid for it because we know that people forget. If you don’t miss a single payment you do have the option to pay the invoice later that night of your service day when we send out the invoices.

The invoices go out at the end of the mowing day. Once the Job is completed to the highest of quality and standards our company will send you an invoice through email that you can pay on our companies website with your invoice number, or directly in our secure email. We use secure payment processing and none of your card info is accessible by our company. We only charge the card the amount on the quote that you agreed on every day after we mow your lawn.

Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your local street address and zip code with the job details you need completed and we go to work measuring your yard from the GPS satellites. With our lawn care and lawn mowing maintenance software we will send your online free estimate or quote right away! Easy price structure allows us to simplify and speed up the quoting process to make it easier on our customers.

Our lawn service software allows our business to manage jobs more efficiently for the right price. Utilizing technology in our quoting process brings down cost by saving both parties time and money. Contact us today we would love to manage your lawn services and mow your lawn for you and your family!

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