Spring Cleanup Services

What’s Included In A Spring Cleanup Service?

springs yard debris pickup Colorado

Leaf Removal

We will blow out the landscape and mow up any leaves, weeds, and debris that are left on the property.  We can also remove weeds by the root if that’s what you need.

spring yard cleanup service Colorado Springs


After mowing all the leaves and debris, we will haul them away and dispose of them. Trying to load endless bags of leaves is no longer necessary!

spring lawn mowing Colorado Springs

Free Lawn Mow!

We offer a Free Lawn Mowing Service in our Spring Cleanup free of charge!

Our Perspective

We have almost 15 years of experience completing Spring Cleanups, we know how to service a property after winter. A Spring Cleanup is a Lawn Care Service maintenance that is required to keep certain kinds of molds and mildews off your yard. If there are leafs, Pine needles, or debris left on your grass after winter the mold spores and mildew can grow between the yard debris and the grass.  Colorado can have some pretty harsh winters and we know how to deal with your lawn after winter has subsided. We always take notes during the Spring Cleanup service to alert our customers of any areas of concern or things the require immediate attention. Spring cleanups are a necessity to keeping your property and lawn in tip top shape. If you are looking for immediate results a Spring cleanup can definitely make all the difference in the appearance of your lawn. If you really want your lawn to look amazing then also check out our Aeration & Seeding Service!

The Bomb Lawns Spring Cleanup List

Always carry detailed notes for any special requests from the client handy for reference.

Clean up and dispose of any fallen branches or other debris.

Blow leaves off your properties landscape.

Collect and dispose of leaves.

Free complimentary Lawn Mowing.

Always secure the fence gate before leaving.

Relax and admire our work.


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