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Most of the Lawn Care Companies out there offer your average spectrum of lawn care and landscaping service, the thing is, we aren’t most companies! We consider ourselves a “customer service business” that happens to provide lawn care and landscaping services. We focus on building quality long term customer relationships above all else. If you want an experienced lawn service that actually puts their clients first, then we are the company you’ve been looking for.

Lawn Care Services

Based in Colorado Springs, we are the premium residential Lawn Care Service provider in the area, specializing in weekly lawn mowing & many other services. Our Lawn Services start with Spring Cleanups, we offer all our lawn care services that you may need throughout the growing season, and we end the season with Fall Cleanups. We built our Lawn Care Company to handle whatever you may need. This way you can maintain one relationship instead of multiple companies to handle your Lawn Care & Landscaping needs. 

Landscaping Services

We can turn your landscape into the main attraction of the neighborhood. Let us make your property beautiful. We can design and install a whole new landscape from scratch. Or you can add installations one by one. It’s all up to you. Let us build you a self automated hydroponic gardening system so you can have an endless supply of fruits and vegetables for you and your family. Or get a putting green installed so you can practice your short game while your grilling a steak! The possibilities are endless when it comes to The Bomb Lawn. Let’s make something great!


Who We Are?

The Bomb Lawn Services is your premium lawn care provider located in Colorado Springs, CO.  Our main area of focus is lawn mowing in El Paso county in the Northern part of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What We Do?

We provide Spring Cleanups in the beginning of the season.  Weekly lawn mowing during the growing season, and end with Fall Cleanups and any other lawn care service in between that you may need.

When We Operate?

Our season is usually April until the middle of November.  Lawn Mowing in Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding communities is normally a 26 to 30 week season.

Why Us?

The main feedback we receive on why people use our lawn mowing service is to get their time back with their families and be able to relax a little bit.  Lawn mowing is more time consuming than any other lawn care practice. Our lawn care company saves you time and money especially when time is money.

Where We Are?

We are located in the northern part of Colorado Springs, Colorado in El Paso County Colorado. We Service zip codes all over the north end of Colorado Springs. We also service Monument, Black Forest, and Falcon in Colorado.

How To Contact Us?

If you live in Colorado Springs or nearby, give us a call, email us, or submit a quote request on our website and we would love to service your lawn and provide you with your landscaping needs and projects.

Do You Offer Affordable Lawn Mowing Service?

We are right in line with landscape industry pricing with our services. When you add the convenience of the quick and free internet mapping quote it really is a great value especially if your so busy.

How Frequent Do You Offer Your Lawn Mowing Service?

We only offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing in Colorado Springs, Colorado  and surrounding communities. Weekly mowing with sharp blades provides the best growth and root density for your lawn.

Do I get to Pick My Lawn Mowing Day?

For scheduling reasons, we assign your lawn mowing service based on our service routes and what day we are in Colorado Springs, Monument, Black Forest, and Falcon. 

What Do you Do If It Rains On My Lawn Mowing Day?

Depending on how much it rains. It might be rescheduled to the next business day or delayed a couple of hours and still completed on your same mowing day.

Do I Need To Be Home For Your Lawn Mowing Service?

No, take advantage of your new free time and come and go as you please.  All we ask is that your yard is free of any objects that might conflict with the lawn mowing service.

Is The Bomb Lawn Services The Best Lawn Mowing Service Near Me?

If you are looking for a quality lawn care service that is consistent with communication, and consistent with lawn care results, we believe we are the best solution near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Do You Offer Senior Citizen Discounts or Military Discounts?

Yes, we offer a one time Senior Citizen discount or Military Discount. We appreciate your service. 

Do You Only Offer Lawn Mowing Services?

No, we provide many lawn care services based on your needs. We offer all the necessary services to take care of your property. Our main services include Lawn Mowing and Trimming, Spring and Fall Cleanup, Hedge Pruning, Fertilizer and Weed Control, and Aerating and Seeding. We also offer different types of installations like Self Automated Gardening Systems, Water Features, and Putting Greens.

How Often Do You Recommend For Other Services Than Weekly Lawn Mowing?

We recommend Spring Cleanup, our Fertilization Program, and Fall Cleanup annually.  Most customers refresh their mulch every year as well.  Aeration is recommended every year as well.  The key to a healthy lawn is to be consistent with your watering and lawn care services.

How Does Billing Work?

Trouble free billing for all our lawn care services is completed after every service via card payment.  No more invoices all over the place!

Do You Offer Hedge Pruning Services?

Yes, for our weekly lawn mowing clients, shrub trimming and hedge pruning is available.  Depending on the type of plant, usually shrub trimming service happens once or twice in a season.

Are You A Local Company?

We are a locally owned lawn care business.  Our owner lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado and all of our clients either live in Colorado Springs, Monument, Black Forest, Falcon and nearby areas.

Areas We Serve

We offer our lawn care and landscaping services to residents in almost all of the Front Range of Colorado Springs, CO. We mainly serve the North, North Eastern, North Western, Greater Colorado Springs Area of El Paso County, CO.

If you have been searching for an affordable lawn service in Colorado Springs, Monument, Black Forest, or Falcon, or nearby, we would love the opportunity to earn your business.

We are based in Northeast Colorado Springs, CO and have been providing lawn care and landscaping services to the local community for many years.

Our Mission

The bomb lawns mission is to bring Innovation to life in peoples yards. I love creating things for people to make their backyards a little piece of heaven. If you can grow your own food automatically why not, if you want to practice your shortgame in your own backyard why not. I love bringing things to life, designing and Innovating Landscapes so families can have a little piece of heaven in their own backyard.