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Our Lawn Treatment Program

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In order to obtain the thick and lush green lawn you are aiming for, you’ll need fertilizer treatments. Our fertilizer treatment programs can help you attain that lush vibrant lawn you have always wanted!

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Weed Control

While fertilizer helps promote a thick, lush lawn to choke out weeds organically, fertilizer in conjunction with weed control will really keep those pesky weeds at bay.

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The key to any successful lawn care service treatment program is consistency.  With proper watering and our full treatment program, we’ll make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. 

5-Step Lawn Treatment Program Details

Application #1Early Spring – Granular Fertilizer (Slow-Release)  Prevents crabgrass germination and helps your lawn get off to a thicker, greener start to the season.
Application #2Late Spring – Broadleaf Weed Control (Liquid)  This treatment will help eliminate a wide spectrum of unwanted broadleaf, including dandelions, and continue to supply your grass with nutrients.
Application #3Summer – Granular Fertilizer (Slow-Release)  This treatment maintains a green lawn through the sizzling summer heat for up to 13 weeks. This mid-season application also includes a liquid broadleaf spot spray for any areas that may need that extra attention.
Application #4Early Fall – Broadleaf Weed Control (Liquid)  Post-emergent selective herbicide that controls actively growing crabgrass, plus any annual and perennial broadleaf weeds such as clover, foxtail, and dollar weed.
Application #5Late Fall – Granular Winterize (Slow-Release)  Helps stabilize your lawn roots and prevents fungus and disease that may try to creep in over the winter.  This provides the nutrients your lawn is looking for to store before going dormant. Also spraying weeds in mulch flower beds is a sure way to keep your flower beds looking clean and maintained!

We also treat for diseases and fungus that might be affecting your lawn. Learn more about disease and fungus in lawns and how to treat it in our blog.

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