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Putting Green Design

We work closely with you to find out exactly how you would like your putting green. All the little details are important to us. Every aspect from the placement on your lawn to the putting angles and slope are all important factors to consider. You can have it just how you want it. From your input we make a design and present it to you. If anything in the design isn’t just how you want it we change it until it’s just to your liking. Before moving forward to the build we want you to feel comfortable that it is exactly to your liking. We will streamline all the processes along the way to make it a smooth transition to your new putting green!

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Putting Green Build

After we are in agreement with the vision and design we will move forward to the building process. Once we start the construction process everything is smooth sailing from there. The Putting green needs a little bit of time to come in and absolutely no foot traffic or pets on it. I will put a wire fence around the newly installed putting green to avoid potential damage to the germinating roots of the newly planted seed. I will set the timer on that sprinkler zone to the requirements of the seed. After the green has established properly mow with a reel mower and enjoy!

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Sand Bunker Additions

You can also add a sand bunker to practice your chipping and pitch shots. Hey what better way to hang out with family and friends while your having a barbeque! There’s nothing more fun than having your own sand bunker and putting green in your backyard. Your house will be the go to spot for fun summer outings! Hey what better way to spend time with your friends and family anyways right! So enjoy your next summer out by the fire while your grilling a steak and chipping from the sand in a game of skins with your friends or family!

Do You Want A Putting Green In Your Backyard?

A backyard putting green is a type of landscape service where we design and build a real golf putting green in your backyard. We are an innovation company in colorado springs. The Bomb Lawn Builds Real Bent grass Putting greens. These are for our golf enthusiasts. It is the same grass that is on a golf course putting green. You can put the green wherever you would like in your yard with whatever characteristics you so desire. It typically doesn’t take to long to get the green installed provided it’s in a spot that already has a sprinkler system. Once the installation is done I will put a wire fence up around it temporarily to keep pets off so that the grass seed can germinate and come in thoroughly. After the install it typically only takes a few weeks to a month for the green to be utilized and played on provided the growing conditions are optimal. After the grass grows in it will need to be maintained just a little bit as much as you would like. It can be cut with an old reel mower that can be acquired for fairly cheap. You really only need to mow it once a month unless you like the putting speed extra fast. If that is the case I would cut it once a week to once every two weeks. The only other thing is to give it a little bit of fertilizer here and there just like you would with your regular grass. It sounds more complicated than it actually is. It doesn’t take long at all for me to do this. I also can install a sand bunker right next to it or wherever you would like so you can practice your chipping as well! You can put in whatever sand you would like but i prefer the white fine sand to give the same exact effect as whats on a high end golf course! Why not practice the most important part of your golf game while enjoying the company of friends and family cooking a steak on the grill! If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to me. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I will get back with you right away. Make sure to put the details of the job you are inquiring about in the message box. Thank you  I look forward to hearing from you! Design and Build Innovation is Booming.

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