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Water Features Design

We will meet with you personally and go over the specifics about your requirements. After I get the details about your preferences I will make a design and propose it to you. After an agreement has been made I will then present you with a proposal. After we have agreed on the proposal we will move on to the Build phase. Disappearing Pondless Water Features can give you less to worry about while still enjoying a full water feature. They are the most popular water feature among home owners because they are a lot less maintenance than any other types of water features or water falls.

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Water Features Build

After the proposal we will right along to building your new pondless water feature. We want to make sure that we have all the details so that we can get it exactly how you want your new water feature or waterfall. The water features that we build are safer than any other type of water feature. This is because they have no standing water while other water features have standing water. This makes them much safer for kids and pets! This is another reason why they are the preferred water feature in the landscape industry!

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Relax By Your Water Feature

Pondless waterfalls and water features are growing in popularity because there is literally zero maintenance. They look and sound great and are the easiest to maintain. They are good for families that travel a lot. Have the tranquility of running water without having to worry about it. They really accent a backyard very well and add a high end aesthetic to your property. They are safe for children and pets so you can relax and not have to worry! Call us today to schedule your consultation.

Low Maintenance Pondless Water Features For Your Backyard!

A water feature is a type of landscape construction service that we provide where we design and build a water fall in your backyard. Our Beautiful water features in Colorado Springs are top of the line. If your looking to install a water fall look no further Than the Bomb Lawn. We specialize in Water features that are Pondless So there is less maintenance for you. A Pondless water fall has a basin attached that only requires filling once a year. The basin resides right under the rock layer so that you cant see it at all. This is better because algae will grow in the basin if there is sunlight that can reach it.  Photosynthesis of the algae happens with the presence of Sunlight, water(h2O), Nutrients, Oxygen(O2), and carbon Dioxide(CO2). If we Put the Basin Under the rocks There is no growth of alga in the basin to ruin your pump. This also cuts down on direct evaporation of the water in the basin and keeps your pump from burning out. This is much easier to maintain than a water feature with a pond that comes in direct contact with the sunlight spectrum. You generally only have to fill the basin with water once a year in the spring to get it going. You can run it through the winter months if you put a strong enough water heater in the basin. The water Heater keeps the water from freezing up and braking the pump. This also creates a really cool visual effect with icicles throughout the river bed and water fall portion of the water feature. We can design the water feature however you would like and in any spot of your yard you wish. Although it looks a lot better coming from the highest point like on a hill. We can bring in dirt to get the water to fall however you would like. We usually use cobble and Limestone rock so that the water hugs the corners an gives a more natural look. WE can install whatever bushes, shrubs and plantings you would like. We usually accent these with landscape lighting so that you can see it  at night. This is very relaxing and tranquil. We usually can finish the entire install withing a week sometimes as fast as a couple days. While your relaxing next to your brand new water feature consider installing a backyard putting green if your one of our golf enthusiasts.  If you are interested in a quote please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. I will get back with you right away. I look forward to hearing from you.

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