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What is Irrigation System Maintenance?

The maintenance of an irrigation system is the process of regularly inspecting, cleaning, and repairing the system to ensure that it is functioning properly. Upkeep is important for both residential and commercial properties in order to keep the landscaping healthy and looking its best. There are many benefits to having well-maintained automatic watering. For residential homeowners, a healthy and beautiful lawn is often one of the biggest selling points of their home. A well-maintained irrigation system can help to keep the lawn green and lush, while also saving water.

Importance of Irrigation System Maintenance

A sprinkler system is a big investment, and like all investments, it’s important to make sure it’s properly cared for in order to function and last long. That’s where system upkeep comes in. System maintenance is key to ensuring operation is at peak performance. It also helps to prevent problems, such as leaks and broken sprinkler heads, before they occur.

Cost To Maintain Irrigation Sprinkler Systems?

It’s no secret that well-maintained irrigation systems are key to a healthy lawn. But how much does it cost to keep your system in tip-top shape? Here’s a look at the typical costs of maintaining residential irrigation systems.

An annual service contract with a sprinkler company is typically the best way to maximize your budget and keep your system running smoothly. Prices for these contracts can vary widely, depending on the size of your system and the services included. But in general, you can expect to pay between $100 and $300 per year for an annual service contract. This is if the irrigation and sprinkler systems have been maintained correctly before winter hits so no outstanding damages need to be fixed such as valves, backflow preventer, or sprinkler pipes underground.

Of course, you can also choose to do the maintenance of the sprinkler systems yourself. If you go this route, you’ll need to factor in the cost of new parts and repairs as they come up. For example, a broken sprinkler head can cost anywhere from $5 to $50 to replace. And a new valve can set you back $100 or more.

So, how much does it cost to maintain a system? It really depends on your budget and your level of DIY expertise. But either way, keeping your watering system in good working order is worth the investment!

Irrigation Sprinkler System Startups & Blowouts Service

Why sprinkler system startups are important?

It is very important to have your entire system checked by a professional before the start of every season. A system startup in the spring will ensure that each head is operating correctly and at the proper precipitation rate. Sometimes the filters in the heads can get clogged and stop the adequate water coverage from spraying evenly.

This can make your lawn burn up if responsive action isn’t taken immediately. Adequate coverage of the head is important for the grass to restore life evenly in the spring. Having your system professionally started up will also allow for the detection of any issues that might have developed over the winter months, such as leaks, broken lines, valves, or backflow preventer device damage. If you would like us to take care of your irrigation services for you and create an efficient watering system get connected with us and get an appointment right away. Our crew of service pros perform every job with integrity and specialize in good service standards. Contact us today for a fast free estimate or quote!

Why Sprinkler System Blowouts are important?

Thorough system maintenance is important to the longevity of your system. By having your system serviced by a professional, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements down the road. One of the most important procedures for maintaining your watering system is having a system blowout performed at the end of each fall season. System water blowouts can help residential and commercial business owners save money by preventing repair costs resulting from damage to the sprinklers.

The Benefits of a system startup will save you time and money by avoiding any cost resulting from damage that could arise from neglecting your sprinklers. By having your system checked by a professional, you can be sure that your sprinklers are operating correctly and efficiently.

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Diagnostics & Repairs Services

While sprinklers are designed to be durable and long-lasting, they occasionally need repairs. Common problems that require sprinkler repair include:

– leaks in the heads – broken sprinkler pipes- clogged sprinkler head- faulty sprinkler valves- controller or timer issues- backflow problems If you notice any of these problems with your sprinklers, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring sprinkler repair can lead to serious damage to your sprinklers, and ultimately, your property. At The Bomb Lawn llc Irrigation Company, we offer comprehensive sprinkler repair services. Our repair technicians are highly trained and experienced, and they’re equipped with the latest tools and technology to get the job done right. We understand the importance of having a fully functioning efficient sprinklers system, which is why we offer same-day sprinkler repair services in most cases. So, if you’re in need of sprinkler system services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Irrigation System Installation Services

What is the price of an average-size sprinkler installation? The average cost for sprinkler installation of a system is between $1,500 and $4,000. The price will depend on the size of your yard and the type of system you choose. If you want new construction, you may be able to get a discount on the installation and landscape design.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient way to water your plants and can save you money on your water bill. Installing an irrigation system can make your life easier by eliminating the need to drag a hose around your yard. An irrigation system can be automated so that it waters your plants on a schedule that you set. Life moves too fast to be dragging a hose around, an efficient sprinkler system from a good service can make the process of lawn care fun again.

This can be a great convenience, especially if you are forgetful or have a busy life.

There are many benefits to installing self-automated watering for your lawn. In addition to the convenience factor, a self-automated schedule can save you money on your water bill and help your plants to stay healthy and vibrant. If you are considering having one installed, be sure to get estimates from qualified professionals. Installation is typically a quick and easy process, so you can enjoy the benefits of your new living space right away!

What Are The Four Main Irrigation Methods?

The Four Main Irrigation Methods Are:

  1. Surface Irrigation
  2. Sprinkler Irrigation
  3. Subsurface Irrigation
  4. Drip Irrigation

The type of irrigation that you require depends on your use case, but usually, spray heads and drip irrigation are used on residential lawns and commercial businesses to reduce maintenance costs.

Installation of Drip & Spray Irrigation For Flower Beds & Gardens?

The effectiveness of irrigation and sprinkler systems in a garden is substantially important for your landscape. Not only will it save you time and energy from having to drag a hose around your garden, but it can also help you save water. Many municipalities are now offering rebates for homeowners who install irrigation and sprinkler systems as a way to encourage water conservation for landscaping. Irrigation systems can be installed to water the landscape with spray heads or rotary heads. Drip irrigation is another helpful type of system to clients because they are reliable, low maintenance, and saves homeowners money on water bills. Installing garden drip irrigation isn’t a small project but is much smaller than an entire lawn irrigation system. For instance, you can install many drip lines or customized spray heads off of one valve zone directly to a garden or flower bed by tapping into the existing water line. You could potentially add on many extra drips or spray heads coming off of different valves and going to high-tech gardening systems right off all the zones. Though typically you would want to keep the lawn sprinkler heads that are all the same on their valves and then use a separate new valve or the existing drip valve for the automatic gardening setup because the drip lines have a replaceable filter that you can put inline to stop buildup and debris to keep the gardening system and drip emitters clean. This goes for raised self-automated garden beds too. It will require some upfront investment, but the long-term savings, both in terms of your time and money, are well worth it. Call our company to schedule a no obligation evaluation from our professional company and speak to a plumber about an appointment.

Saving your Time, Money, and Water Equals less Stress…

The Bomb Lawn – Lawn Care Landscaping & Irrigation offers the highest quality irrigation drip and sprinkler system installations which is the most essential aspect in maintaining the beauty of your property. We offer many varieties of water-wise and water-conserving sprinkler and irrigation systems that are very efficient with water. Our sprinkler systems maintain your landscape and prevent it from being overwatered. We also offer the highest quality irrigation drip systems, efficient cycle and soak systems, and many more to optimize your yard to its healthiest potential with water-wise usage and efficiency within your landscape. As always you can be assured that our irrigation and sprinkler systems are made from top-of-the-line quality timers, heads, valves, and fittings that are of the highest quality on the market.

Colorado Springs Utilities Retrofits & Rebates

The Bomb Lawn Offers the following retrofits to increase the efficiency of your irrigation system and ultimately save you money.

  • Smart Irrigation Controllers
  • Flow Sensors
  • Weather Sensors
  • High Efficiency Matched Precipitation Nozzles
  • Pressure Regulating Sprinkler Heads with Check Valves

We also can help you receive rebates from Colorado Springs Utilities with your new modernized and upgraded systems–learn more information about your residential rebates and irrigation equipment rebates.


Colorado Springs City Water Regulations

Colorado Springs City Council has approved a new water-wise ordinance regarding water usage.

Imperative changes impacting customers include the following:

  1. Watering with sprinklers is limited to any three days a week of your choosing.
  2. From May 1 to October 15, during the warmer months, sprinklers can only be utilized before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. to reduce evaporation.
  3. The operation of sprinklers can occur at any time of day only before May 1 and after October 15.
  4. Runoff off water from irrigation systems flowing on the street, sidewalk, ground, or down gutters is prohibited.
  5. It is required to fix broken or leaking sprinkler systems within 10 days.
  6. Watering cans, Drip Irrigation, as well as hose watering with a shut-off nozzle are allowed at any time.
  7. Clean off hard surfaces such as patios, sidewalks, and driveways with water only if there is a public health or safety concern.
  8. For customers that need more watering schedule flexibility Allocation plans are available.
  9. There are Establishment permits required for customers who need to temporarily water more than 3 days a week to establish new grass or landscapes.

Additional information and a suggested irrigation schedule can be found by visiting the local water wise rules. We strive to make the best possible solution for all your irrigation needs. If you are interested in working with us and would like to request reliable irrigation services contact us for a free estimate or quote today.

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